The Best Brushes for Clip Studio Paint! Free and Paid for CSP

My Recommended Brushpacks for CSP
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December 27, 2023
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There are A LOT of brushes out there for Clip Studio Paint. There are also a whole lot more out there for other softwares, like Photoshop and Procreate, that can easily be imported into Clip Studio Paint.
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Gumroad is probably the best place I can think of to find new brushes, and of course you can always build your own—not to mention the stock brushes found within Clip Studio.

To be honest, there’s more options than you could ever possibly need, and looking through all of them is an exercise in patience. So in order to cut down that work for you, here’s a list of CSP brushpacks that I would honestly recommend over all the others.


My Clip Studio Paint Brushes!

Yep, I’m putting my brushes right at the start of the list. They’re free!

These are the brushes I currently use to paint all of my work in CSP. There are only a few brushes in there, but it’s everything I need and the brushpack is free, so grab my brushes below, or over here.

In the payment box, type in zero to download them for free, or include any tip amount you like.

My Clip Studio Paint Brushes!

Either visit this link, or use the Gumroad form below to get your brushes for free.

Free Brushsets by Devin Elle Kurtz

Devin has provided a load of great brushsets for free; my favourites are listed below, but there are even more over on her Gumroad page.

Some of her other packs are intended for Photoshop, but can be imported just fine into CSP.

Check them all out on Gumroad.


Fur Brushset

This is a free set of fur & fur-texture brushes with Clip Studio Paint brush files. She created these brushes to speed up her own process of painting fur. Get them here.

Fur Brushset by Devin Elle Kurtz

There are 15 brushes included, and she has even included the .png files of each brush tip so you can import them into any other program you might use.


Clip Studio Foliage Brushset

She created these brushes to speed up her process for laying down foliage. Includes grass, flowers, bushes, trees, & jungle plants.

Go here to get the brushpack.

Clip Studio Foliage Brushset by Devin Elle Kurtz

The pack includes 90 brush files for Clip Studio Paint, and a 37 minute demo video.


Grass & Fields Brush Pack

This is a set of 144 digital brushes for painting grass, fields, and small plants, compatible with Clip Studio Paint. There is no overlap between this set and the one above, but they can be used together to maximize your brush selection!

Get the brushset here.

Grass & Fields Brush Pack by Devin Elle Kurtz

Devin put together a demo video for using these brushes in Clip Studio Paint, and a further painting demo.

The original .png fles are also included, in case you want them for another piece of software.


Rake Brush Pack

This is a set of 28 digital rake brushes for painting & adding texture.

Get them on her Gumroad.

Rake Brush Pack by Devin Elle Kurtz

Rake brushes produce quite a distinctive look, but they can take a lot of experience to use to their potential. Have fun with them!


Frenden's 800+ Clip Studio Brushes

Frenden has put together a huge pack of 800+ brushes, and it’s only $14.99!

The pack is more suitable for comics and manga artists, as it does focus on lineart, drawing and inking brushes. There’s a wide range of custom textures, brush shapes and settings to emulate traditional media and far more.

Get Frenden’s brushes here.

Frenden's Clip Studio Brushes

The set includes more than 800 brushes for painting, penciling, inking, and special FX. Frenden also updates the brushpack with new brushes all the time (adding nearly 500 brushes in the past 5 years) which all owners of the pack get for free.

Many are great for drawing and inking

Pharan's Brushes, For a Traditional Look

Pharan has both paid and free brushes for Clip Studio Paint, with a focus on emulating traditional tools. His brush packs are also updated every few months.

Browse all of Pharan’s brushes on Gumroad.


Krupuk - Markers and Water

Krupuk Markers and Water is a set of Clip Studio Paint brushes that emulate the look of markers and thin, water-based media, with various shapes and amounts of grain and texture. The pack costs $6.

Get the brushes here!

Pharan's Krupuk - Markers and Water

This set of brushes was made to help quickly color sketches, but later expanded to be able to achieve a broader set of marker-like looks.

Included are some images in the "How to Use" folder to show techniques that work well with the brushes. Some are simple, some are non-obvious. Don't forget to check them out!

Clip Studio Paint doesn't have a wet-on-wet simulation engine so the "How to Use" tips go through some digital-specific techniques and layer arrangements to achieve certain blending, water and edge effects with the help of this brush pack.

Pharan's Krupuk - Markers and Water

This set includes 160+ Clip Studio Paint brushes, and also includes:

  • Krupuk Inks, a set of brushy inking tools that work well with the Krupuk marker tools.
  • Script Tzu, a few eastern calligraphic ink brushes.
  • Gouache Tzu, a set of thicker, optionally-dryer paint tools which can be used as-is, but doubles as a set of tools for masking the Krupuk brushes to achieve dry brush effects. and...
  • Some miscellaneous bonus and experimental brushes.

EnpitsuP - Really Good Pencils

Designed for drawing, inking and sketching, this set includes a variety of pencils and shading tools,as well as brushes for line art, drawing and inking. The pack is $12, and you can get them here

Pharan's EnpitsuP - Really Good Pencils

EnpitsuP is a set of pencils and non-pencil drawing brushes for Clip Studio Paint.

Pharan's EnpitsuP - Really Good Pencils

Tapioca - Digital Painting brushes

Tapioca is a set of themed brush packs, each with several brushes that work together for certain applications and styles. The pack is $11 and they are available here.

Pharan's Tapioca

Pharan made this set specifically to achieve what he wanted from digital painting in Clip Studio Paint.

These brushes are really useful for fun, quick sketches, just to quickly get an idea across, as well as longer more finished pieces.

Pharan's Tapioca

Tapioca includes:

  • Tapioca (main file) - Tahini, Blenders, Cel and Flatting tools, Sigh Suisai, Soft Circles, Detailers, Erasers, Meme brushes.
  • Big Brush Ruffers - Ruffers & Wall (coverage brushes)
  • Pipton and Shapes - Pipton, Gaston, Leif, Seasalt
  • Silhouetters - for adding imperfections to borders of shapes.
  • Tzu Season 2 - textured brushes from 2020
  • Tzu Season 3 - textured brushes from 2021
  • Whip Chalk - for streaky backgrounds and whip pans for comics and animation.
  • Paint Utilities - Fill tools, Antibanding spray, Vignette tool, Blur utilities, Simple utility brushes
  • Retired brushes - Some brushes that are now deprecated, but may still be useful to some people.
  • Common Packs - These are small sets that are shared with EnpitsuP or Krupuk: Krupuk Effects, Digital Drawing, and some erasers.

Tapioca does not include EnpitsuP and Krupuk. Those are separate brush sets.


BōrupenP - Ballpoint pens

BōrupenP is a set of brushes designed to emulate "School Supply" media, including ballpoint pens, gel pens, dry erase markers, permanent markers and highlighters. The set is completely free, and it is available here.

Pharan's BōrupenP - Ballpoint pens

As well as being fun for drawing, this set is also perfect for those who want to feel like they’re using real pens to write on their tablets.


DAUB‘s Pencils

DAUB’s pencils emulate traditional pencils very well. What’s even better, is this pencil set is free!

6 tools suitable for drafting, shading and more, available here.

DAUB | Pencils - 6 Tools for Clip Studio Paint

The pack includes pencils designed to emulate HB and 2B, as well as hard and soft pencils and more.


BrotherBaston Brush Pack

BrotherBaston is a long time artist-Youtuber that I remember watching years ago. These custom brushes are the very same he uses to draw and color all his art, and he gives them away for free, just like me! You can get BrotherBaston’s brushes here.

BrotherBaston Brush Pack

The pack contains 11 brushes divided into 2 categories: 6 for line art and coloring, and 5 for textures. The pack is small, simple and capable, just the way I like my brushpacks.


Realistic Oil & Acrylic by Michael Adamidis

Michael Adamidis has put together a large and strong set of brushes designed to emulate oil painting. If you want your digital painting to look and feel more like oil painting, this is a fantastic set. It is €20 though, which is not a small amount for brushes. Get them over here.

Realistic Oil & Acrylic by Michael Adamidis

The pack is 418 brushes big and has 26 canvas textures, designed solely for emulating oil and acrylic painting.

Realistic Oil & Acrylic by Michael Adamidis

They were originally designed for Photoshop, but can be imported into Clip Studio Paint just fine.

Greg Rutkowski’s Brushes

Greg is one of the leading concept artists and digital illustrators of the day, and his brushwork is particularly strong and expressive.


Greg‘s Free Brushes

As well as a paid brushpack, he has a free brushset with a selection of his older brushes. You can grab them here.

Greg Rutkowski’s Free Brushes

They were originally designed for Photoshop CS5, but they’ll import into Clip Studio just fine.


Greg’s Paid Brushes

Greg also has a paid brush pack for sale, that contains the brushes he’s made and worked with over the past 2-3 years.

They cost $6 and you can get them here.

Greg Rutkowski‘s Paid Brushes

The package includes 209 brushes and 17 Mixer Brushes; fair warning - the mixer brushes will not work as intended in Clip Studio.

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