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Art Fundamentals
The 6 Fundamentals of Art (And a Few Extra)
Why they're important, and a few tips to get you started
Society6 Review
Society6 Artist Review; Is It Worth Using?
Should artists even bother uploading their work to Society6? I’m not so sure.
CSP Brushes
The Best Brushes for Clip Studio Paint! Free and Paid for CSP
My Recommended Brushpacks for CSP
Sketching vs Drawing
Sketching vs Drawing; What’s The Difference?
Sketch, draw, are they the same thing? Do we even have rules around this?
Digital Art Styles
Digital Art Styles
A list of art styles common among digital artists
iPad for Procreate
Best iPad for Drawing in Procreate
It’s a complicated decision
One vs Cintiq
Wacom One vs Cintiq Pen Displays in 2023
Comparing Wacom’s entry-level screen tablets
Krita vs Photoshop
Krita vs Photoshop, which is better?
Is it really worth paying for Photoshop?
AI as an ally?
Could AI Help Digital Artists? Future-Proofing your Art Career
Ways AI may empower artists
How to beat AI
How to compete against AI: Future-Proofing your Art Career
Ways to survive the coming paradigm shift
AI is coming
AI is coming: Future-Proofing your Digital Art career
Things are changing
iPad Pro Review
Artist's Review of the iPad Pro
Using an iPad for drawing, painting, and everything else
Artstation only for Pro's?
Is ArtStation only for professional artists?
Would an amateur artist be out of place on Artstation?
Paint on your Phone
Making Digital Art on a Phone
How plausible is it to digitally paint on a smartphone?
Cintiq vs iPad
Wacom Cintiq vs iPad Pro
Which do I prefer? It's the battle of the screen tablets!
Huion vs Wacom
Huion vs Wacom tablets
Has Huion caught up to to Wacom?
Wacom vs XP-Pen
Wacom vs XP-Pen tablets
Is Wacom still the king of tablet brands?
Huion vs XP-Pen
Huion VS XP-Pen tablets
Which of these very similar brands is best?
Skillshare Review
Skillshare Review: Is Skillshare Worth it for Digital Artists?
Skillshare has its flaws, but I think it offers great value for money
Skillshare vs Udemy
Skillshare vs Udemy: Which is better for Digital Artists?
Similar classes, different business models; which is better?
Skillshare Alternatives
Skillshare Alternatives for Digital Artists
Which platforms offer the best experience against Skillshare?
Best Skillshare Classes
The Best Skillshare Classes for Digital Artists (2021)
Uncovering the hidden gems of Skillshare
Free Skillshare Classes
Skillshare: the Best Free Classes for Digital Artists
There aren’t many, but Skillshare has some free classes worth investigating
Teaching on Skillshare
How Much Money can you Earn as a Skillshare Teacher?
It’s not much, but it’s passive and scalable!

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